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​Hi! I’m Letha. Here’s a sneak peek into my life!

My passion… I am a wife; and a mother to seven of the world’s most amazing children! (Yes, only seven.) I have always wanted to be a Mom, and have adored baby dolls my whole life. Reborning was a happy transition for me! I don’t gain any weight, no recovery, and less than of a month of “pregnancy” before I get to hold and cuddle a beautiful baby I created! Reborning is a family affair! I am teaching my three oldest (15, 13 & 10) to reborn, my middle pumpkins (8 & 8) like to swaddle them and help package them up and my baby boys (6 and 4) kiss each baby pretty much every chance they can! Even my hubby gets involved. His favorite part is reminding me that no reborn is ever going to be quite as gorgeous as our kids.

I am fueled by creativity and am constantly planning some fun, messy activity! Finding time, energy and often the ability (sometimes I have ideas so grand, I don’t even know how to begin making them!) to fulfill all of my visions is a different story with seven young children. My family has come to love my overactive imagination (or rather overachieving imagination!)

Sometime before “mommy brain” took over I obtained a BS in English, with a minor in psychology and emphasis in elementary education. Education is very important to me; I’ll be a student forever. I still have big dreams about what I’m going to be when I grow up!

This is my first Reborn.  Rowan by Jessica Schenk.  It is okay, you can say it.  I've come a long way since this little cutie!

It hasn't been all ice cream and glitter. One of my very favorite Reborns is Autumn. She is the Cozy sculpt by Linda K. Smith. The beginning of this story is very might need tissue, I did! Sadly, there were lots of tears involved. 

Someone walked by the oven and turned the temperature up. If you have never Reborned let me tell you what happens when the oven is just a little too hot. The vinyl bubbles and melts. The neck gives out and it collapses. When you see the mess, you grab the doll out as fast as you can (because all sense has abandoned you at this point!) You stick your hand into the hot oven and pull the head out with your bare hands (absurd, I know, but I did). It's a mixture of grief and pain! The ear was caving in and cracking; it was just a mess! Poor little baby! After he cooled, a sweet niece of mine thinking the doll ruined, severed the ear completely. Well, I just could not let that baby die! I researched how I could possibly save this little one. I learned to reconstruct, rebuild and add to a baby. I worked for weeks breathing life back into Autumn. The result was this
sweet little lady. I was really happy with her. I had decided if she didn't sale I would keep her and put her out each fall...Her forever Mommy scooped her up and couldn't be happier! 
I think I might NEED to make a scarecrow for myself!

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